Transport of machinery & overweight loads

The company Petridis Petros, based in Giannitsa, is active in the sector of special land transport, being highly specialised in the transport of machinery, heavy vehicles and overweight loads. With consistency and absolute professionalism, we undertake to carry out highly demanding special transportations, providing services to professionals and individuals. With a 40 year precious experience in the professional sector of special transport, we can guarantee the excellent result of our services to you.


At Petridis Petros, in Giannitsa, we have the appropriate specialisation and capacity to transport, with absolute safety, agricultural and earthmoving machinery. Furthermore, we undertake to transport heavy vehicles, such as buses and trucks. Special transport undoubtedly requires expertise, experience, full organisation, as well as prevision, so that possible problems can be avoided. In our company we can offer you exactly what is required for a safe and demanding special transportation, while, after so many years of successful course and experience, we have an excellent knowledge of the national road network.

Our ultramodern vehicle fleet allows us to respond to any need of individuals and professionals, for the transport of heavy machinery and loads, throughout Greece. At Petridis Petros, in Giannitsa, we can guarantee the safety of your special transportation. And all this, at the most competitive prices. We also take care of frequently renewing our equipment, so that we can undertake small and large range works.


● Special land transport

● Transport of heavy machinery

  • Loading, transport & placement of the machinery

● Transport of heavy & bulky items

● Transport of all types of machinery

  • Lathes, presses, press-brakes, shears, air compressors, etc.

● Transport of sprinkler machinery

● Transport of combine harvesters & threshers

● Transport of cotton choppers

● Transport of earthmoving machinery

  • Loaders, Excavators, Bulldozers, etc.

● Transport of road construction machinery

● Transport of construction machinery

● Transport of agricultural machinery

● Transport of heavy vehicles

  • Transport of buses
  • Transport of coaches
  • Transport of trucks
  • Transport of race trucks

● Transport of cranes

● Transport of campers

● Transport of tractors

● Transport of overweight loads with the escort of safety vehicles

● Vehicle escort throughout Greece

  • Full monitoring of the transport from the moment the vehicle is received to its delivery at the final destination

● Safe & fast transport

● Affordable prices 


Special Land Transport
Transport of machinery & overweight loads

3d km of the Giannitsa- Edessa national road, Intersection of Melissi, Giannitsa

Τel.: 23825 00419
Mob.: 6940 700336




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